The purchasing system aims at automating all purchasing transactions starting from the creation of material requisitions by any department, (sending it to the purchasing department, managing RFQ’s and quotations, pricing items, integration with inventory, and managing bonds), to the generation of purchase orders. In addition to managing vendors and contacts,  MRs are tracked, and there are reporting features.

Material Requisitions, Request for Quotations (RFQs), Quotations, Purchase Orders

  • Streamline the whole procurement process starting with materials requisitions, from purchase orders and quotations, to inventory receipts and purchase invoices.

Bonds Managements

  • Ability to include and Manage Bonds during the purchasing life cycle.

Contracts Managements

  • Ability to define contracts.
  • Ability to define payment terms and follow up on them.
  • Ability to define changes whether they are increases or decreases in the contract totals

Vendors Managements

  • Vendors’ management and classifications