Resource Planning…The Way It Should Be

15 years ago, we recognized the urgent needs for a “rules and regulations” customizable, “cultural” tailored Integrated GRP/ERP system, that from one hand is functionality fulfilling and superseding to what global and top ERPs are providing, and on the other hand, is dynamic and easy to customize, integrate, and utilize.

The sum of the 15 years of hard work is PYLON, a flexible, dynamic and modern Resource Planning platform for both Governments and Enterprises.

PYLON is a complete business solution that enables governmental entities and big enterprises to automate their daily operations, reaching to a “paper-less” environment, and allowing integration with other governmental entities to support the decision-making process internally and externally.

PYLON covers the functions of Human Resources, Payroll, Warehouses and Inventory, Finance, Purchasing, and Fleet Management.

Government Optimized

PYLON is an easy to use GRP that doesn’t require much knowledge to operate, it works anywhere using any device, with a beautiful Web interface and an intuitive mobile app that helps getting things done on the go.

Not only that, PYLON supports the latest VAT rules & regulations, and was already tested for integration with Ministry of Finance, Yesser, NCDC, in addition to major Correspondence, EPM and archiving systems.


PYLON is divided into several modules, each module operates certain functions, this makes the user interface friendlier and assigning permissions much easier.

Ready When You Are

PYLON was deployed to countless customers in the middle east (mainly in Saudi Arabia), every feature developed was vigorously aligned and tested to ensure that it complies with market requirements and standards, PYLON is not yet another ERP/GRP platform, PYLON is the benchmark which other ERP/GRP platforms aspire to become!