Office 365


What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a Microsoft subscription service that includes access to best of Microsoft’s Office applications and online productivity services, as well as business services such as web conferencing, hosted email, and online storage.

Office 365 eliminates the need to deploy on-premise email servers and collaboration tools and can provide businesses with powerful policies and tools to control their data, Office 365 also provides flexible subscription options to match every business need.

Reliable… The Way it Should Be

Office 365 supports businesses at any size or scale and in any location, with datacenters around the globe powered by Azure, Office 365 provides a premium and reliable service that is dependable and always running.

With Office 365, you no longer need to worry about your services availability and expensive upgrades, Office 365 is up to date all the time, and features roll out to it on a monthly basis

Hybrid in Every Sense

Office 365 Hybrid model was built from the ground up to support your current infrastructure services, whether you have Exchange, Skype for Business or SharePoint, Office 365 is capable of smoothly fitting in with your infrastructure services.

Not only that, using Office 365 can make your on-premise deployments function better thanks to the deep integration.

Easier Than You Think

Businesses need productivity tools to empower their workforce, these tools must be smart, fast, and functional so that people can get their work done.

Office 365 doesn’t require new skills, users can start using it immediately with minimal learning curve, not only that, IT Administrators can easily push policies and configurations to make work tasks faster and smarter for users.

Secure in Every Way

Thanks to its dependability on Azure, Office 365 supports advanced security capabilities such as Information Rights Management, it also supports breach protection, unauthorized access alerts, reports and many more.

Administrators are empowered with Dashboards and Ready-made security tools that help them monitor and manage security aspects quickly, most of the tools are available out of the box with zero configuration required.

eSense … Your Productivity Partner

Moving to Office 365 requires a partner with the required knowledge and tools to get you up to speed, at eSense, we have a team with extensive experience in managing both cloud and on-premise services; eSense is a Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud Productivity as well as an authorized Cloud Services Provider for Office 365, not only that, eSense is also the Partner of the Year Winner for 2019 in Saudi Arabia!