Web Platforms

By simply pointing the mouse at the content they want to read or understand, a deaf or hard of hearing user can view an instant sign language interpretation. Whether it’s text on a webpage, a contact form, or an infographic, an Avatar will provide an immediate and full interpretation. This opens up web content to many more users, giving them access and points of engagement that would otherwise have been closed to them.

Social Media

The power of bridge Avatar’s web interpretation also extends to a social media interpreter for Facebook, Twitter, and more, so that content on these platforms can be instantaneously transposed into sign language for greater accessibility and engagement.

SDK for Mobile

The Avatar edition includes a software development kit that makes an organization’s own apps sign language-enabled, removing even more barriers to access and letting users connect and engage from the palm of their hand.

Self-Service Kiosks

The Avatar edition has the power to revolutionize self-service or interactive kiosk points for deaf users, giving them just as much access and independence as any other user. Whether it’s an information point, check-in, point of sale, or feedback point, users can activate their bridge Avatar and instantly interpret the relevant information or instructions into sign language.