Core Infrastructure Services


Identity, Server Management and Systems Administration are all topics that matter the most in any infrastructure, and managing or implementing these components may seem easy at the beginning, but they become more and more complex as your organization grows.

At eSense, we believe that building a healthy IT Infrastructure requires an optimized core IT Infrastructure, and we have the required skills to make it so. As such, you can grow with your vision for IT and focus more on introducing new services rather than spending most of your IT's time on maintenance and resources .

eSense can help you build a solid authentication and authorization foundation using Microsoft Active Directory Services including Certificate-based authorization, automate IP Address distribution using DHCP, build reliable VPN Services using Microsoft NPS & RRAS, and simplify name resolution using Microsoft DNS.

These technologies may sound like the easiest task for IT personnel, but the fact is that they require extensive fine tuning and the application of best practices to ensure smoothness and functionality for future organizational growth.

We offer a broad set of services to optimize your Core IT Infrastructure and these services include:

Active Directory Optimizations, Authentication Security, Best Practices Analysis and Server Hardening

Secure Virtual Private Networking using Microsoft Proven and Secure VPN Infrastructure, including setting up advanced rules and security measures, and connection optimization with advanced authentication mechanism

Domain naming services security and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol optimizations, following the best practices and techniques from Microsoft and ensuring the most secure approach in protecting these services.