Human Reources & Payroll


Pylon’s Human Resources and Payroll System handles the organization's needs of managing human resources from recruitment to retirement. It provides advanced functionality for personnel management as well as a robust payroll module that is able to cope with a complex organizational structure.

Employee Details

  • Add/maintain employees: The user will be able to record and attach personal and historical information, in addition to specifying his employment information, employee qualifications, employee Courses, insurance, previous experiences, Linguistic and Other Skills.
  • Record the information on the employee’s family including what is related to taxes and his salary.
  • Promote an employee(s) based on specific criteria.
  • Define pending issues, related to the employee, with the ability to follow up on them.
  • Upload an employee's attachments and documents.
  • Control an employee's access, which is integrated with his ID cards and security guards
  • Providing the user list of eligible benefits for a specific employee depending on his grade.

Employee Functions

  • Record an employee's Rewards and Penalties.
  • Track an employee's vacations and balances.
  • Use evaluations data for decision supporting.
  • Terminate an employee for any reason, and follow up on an employee's clearance checklist.

Planning: services, training, vacancies, man power planning, and others

  • Plan for Man Power by Head Count or Monetary Value
  • Make a yearly increase for several employees
  • Promote several employees
  • Renew contracts for several employees
  • Define training courses, requirements for training courses can be added.
  • Create and maintain the journal on available courses.
  • Create and manage the formation matrix, creating vacancies on it in coordination with related departments, and hire on open vacancies.
  • Open new vacancies - new vacancies, or any other employment situation, can be opened in the formation tables.

Employee's Salary Scale

  • Create and maintain numerous salary scales (in order to associate with employment)

Employees Elements

  • Define a deduction, based on the type of deduction, whether the deduction will be a fixed amount or a percentage from the salary (net, total …) in addition to specifying the default employees subject to this deduction.
  • Define an allowance, based on the type of allowance, whether the allowance will be fixed amount or a percentage from the salary (net, total …) in addition to specifying default employees subject to this allowance and if the allowance is, subject to taxes or not.
  • Assign allowances to an employee or a number of employees based on specific criteria.
  • Assign rewards and compensations for an employee.
  • Assign deductions to an employee or a number of employees based on specific criteria.
  • Manage loans and installments issues.

Payrolls Generation Process

  • Calculate salaries for an employee or for a number of employees selected based on specific search-criteria. Retroactive transactions can be conducted in addition to indemnities and settlement calculations. The system will take into consideration the status of the employee during the calculation.
  • Cancel salary calculations prior to the final submission.
  • Post the transactions on salary calculations in detail to specified accounts or to a specified budget key.
  • View calculated salaries in detail.
  • Create and maintain paymasters.
  • Post employees’ salaries to their bank accounts