eSense Methodology and Delivery Framework


eSense Development Guidelines of Excellence (EDGE) is eSense Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) guidance on how to effectively design, develop, test, deploy, operate, and support software solutions.

EDGE methodology as described below is utilized in eSense’s projects and is subject to change according to the nature of the engagement and project needs.

EDGE is a first class software development process that has been developed based on accredited and certified worldwide best practices and guidelines such as those provided by PMI (Project Management Institute), and MSF (Microsoft Solutions Framework).

EDGE is an iterative, scenario-driven development process for building software applications. It directly incorporates practices for handling quality of service requirements such as performance and security, and it explicitly calls out project risk as a success criterion for the optimal delivery of software. EDGE anticipates the need to adapt to change, and focuses on people as the most important component to the success of a project. It also emphasizes the delivery of working software and promotes customer validation as key success measures and broad quality assurance and process improvement initiative.

EDGE rapidly improves the efficiency, predictability, and control of software projects, delivering the following benefits:

Enhanced Productivity

Project teams now have targeted support to get their jobs done faster and better, it includes hundreds of pre-built checklists, templates, and much more.

Reduced Costs

Defect-correction is the single largest cost driver for most software projects. EDGE minimizes costly rework by identifying and dealing with project issues at the earliest possible opportunity.

Controllable Schedules

EDGE sophisticated planning and tracking techniques provide visibility and control over project schedules.

Improved Quality

EDGE uses proven software best practices to bring consistency to software project work and produce high quality software.

Accelerated Staff Training

EDGE pre-built materials facilitate rapid training and reinforce that training with sound software engineering practices.

Change Management

EDGE provides a strong change control system, which ensures that all the documents are updated and maintained as changes are approved.