Lite Basic Advance Advance+
System notifications and reminders by email
System notifications by SMS
HR or Active Directory Integration to automatically get the internal hierarchy of the organization and to read the users vacations
Other systems integration
Microsoft Office Word Integration
Integration with Optical Character Recognition systems (OCR)
Integration with eGov system (Yesser)
Independent branches support in one deployment
Central integration platform (Berry Hub) which allows integrating multiple Correspondence systems

Platform Features

Lite Basic Advance Advance+
System On screen Notifications
System Desktop Windows 10 notifications
Microsoft Teams Notifications
Common users dashboard
Per user Dashboards
Export lists to Excel and PDF
Audit trail reports
Users and Roles management
Hijri and Gregorian Dates
Online users list
Arabic language screens
English language screens
Cross Browser support (Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari)
Reports Generator
Single Sign In
Team Performance Reports
Digital Signature (NCDC)
Provide the ability to search using OCR
Support for ready templates to create letters, MOMs .. etc.
Integration with Microsoft Word to create and Edit attachments
Attachments and files encryption
Database data encryption
Watermark on the front of attachments to prevent mobile pictures
Chatting feature
Attachments splitting


Lite Basic Advance Advance+
Correspondence Management, Users Inboxes and Entities Inboxes
Correspondences Auto numbering
Public Inboxes
Attachments scanning management
Transform Emails into correspondences
Future Work Calendar
Delivery Reports
Basic Reports
Hierarchy based Ad-Hoc workflows
Pre-Defined workflows
Form Builder
Correspondence Splitting
Correspondence Ownership
Basic image editing functionalities
Attachments Annotations
Default Overview dashboard
Custom Overview Dashboard
Correspondence Linking
Correspondence Directions
Correspondence Notes
Deadlines and Reminders
Physical files management
Basic Search & Advances Search (Elastic Search)
Correspondences Notifications
Activities log
Linking with other exiting modules
Barcode and/or QR generation
Send attachments by email or fax
Correspondence favorites
Correspondence keywords and tagging
Letters templates
Display the history of the correspondence in a textual and graphical representation
Provide an administration feature that allows admin to customize the default forward list
Attachments versioning
Attachments ACL
Sub correspondences feature
Common correspondences actions like Splitting, Merging, Joining, Accompanying .. etc.
Papers and tangible items tracking and management unit


Lite Basic Advance Advance+
Creating and Sharing the announcements and generalizations to specific Departments, Roles and/or Special groups.
Creating and Managing special groups for the Announcements and Generalizations
Provide security on Announcements and Generalizations with Permissions
Validity dates for announcements and generalizations
Linking and Creating announcements from Correspondences and Meetings
Dashboards that shows announcements related numbers and progress
The ability to search within the announcements based on the user privileges


Lite Basic Advance Advance+
Daily Calendar
Weekly & Monthly Calendars
Simple Overview
Detailed Overview
Activity log
Basic attendees management
Meeting Rooms Management and Reservations
Track attendees actual attendance
Invitation Letters Management and Invitations by email
Meeting attachments
Meeting agenda builder
Voting & voting reports
Minutes of Meeting editor
Meetings flow (Draft, Review, Published)
Linking with other existing modules
Meeting notifications and reminders
Voting and meeting details on mobiles and tablets
Meeting room schedule (Tablet)
The ability to assign tasks on the meeting
The ability to assign tasks on the agenda items
The ability to invite attendees from outside the organization users and the ability to give them a temporary access to the system.
Microsoft Team Integration
Exchange, Outlook, Google & iOS calendars integration


Lite Basic Advance Advance+
Permanent and Temporary Committees management
Designated committees module
Committees performance reporting and status
Fitting committees in the organization hierarchy
Involve committees in Correspondences workflows
Involve committees in meetings
Committee profile pages (Overview, Attachments, Notes ..etc.)
Link committees with other modules
Committees reports
Add tasks on committees and track what has been completed of these tasks
The ability to add committee members from outside the organization users and the ability to give them a temporary access to the system.

Tasks Management

Lite Basic Advance Advance+
Team tasks management
Team tasks dashboard
My Tasks management
Tasks Notifications and Reminders
Tasks Deadlines
Tasks linking with other existing modules
Task attachments
Task chatting
Tasks notes
Track the late tasks

Contacts Management

Lite Basic Advance Advance+
Contacts and Organizations management
Persons overview page
Contacts Dashboard
Person demographic information
Person contacting details
Persons positions history
Contacts usage in other modules
Contacts reporting
Organization overview page
Organization details
Organization branches
Organization employees
Organization Statistics
Organizations internal hierarchy
Organizations usage in other modules
Contacts/Organizations search & advanced search


Lite Basic Advance Advance+
Archive Management
Archive folders management
Linking archive with Organization hierarchy
Archive favorites
Archive Attachments
Archive Notes
Linking with other existing modules
Archive keywords
Auto document cancelation
File Versioning
File ACL
OCR feature
Retrieve the deleted documents 


Lite Basic Advance Advance+
Designated Initiatives module
Initiatives performance reporting and dashboards
Involve Initiatives in meetings
Initiative profile pages (Overview, Attachments, Notes ..etc.)
Link Initiatives with other modules
Initiatives reports
The ability to assign, track and manage tasks on initiatives level
Track Initiative goals, KPIs & Budget

Smart Devices Applications

Lite Basic Advance Advance+
Mobile application (As per existing modules and features)
Android & iOS native support
Executives Communicator

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