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Ministry of Tourism

Hybrid cloud automation

SCTH has a multi-vendor IT infrastructure, but has relied heavily on solutions from HPE for a number of years. It has worked closely with eSense, a local HPE partner, for seven years. A regular review of SCTH’s server estate by eSense brought things to a head.

“SCTH had nearly 200 servers, yet had requested a further 30,” says Wisam Banat, business development manager, eSense. “Rather than buying more servers, which would require provisioning, support, power and space, it was clear to us that the better solution for SCTH was cloud. Being a forward thinking organisation we knew SCTH had the appetite to try something new.”

A proof of concept quickly established the business and technical case for adopting a private cloud, the first of its kind in the Saudi Government sector. HPE Cloud Service Automation (CSA) is a cloud based self-service portal that gives a menu of services for users. This allows SCTH to automate and simplify the deployment and management of its hybrid IT services. HPE CSA supports SCTH’s heterogeneous IT environment, helping reduce service deployment time and costs and providing a menu of services for users.

These services include servers for a range of tasks, including applications, database, web and software development. Each is cloned three times over to cover testing, staging and production lifecycle.

SCTH has also adopted HPE Operations Orchestration, allowing it to roll-out a range of IT automation processes. Using HPE Operations Orchestration, SCTH managed to minimise the IT administration intervention by automating daily routine tasks. The new workflows dramatically reduce daily tasks and ensure an efficient and easy to manage infrastructure.

Some of the workflows included:

  • User management: allowing SCTH to create user accounts and their corresponding services more quickly
  • Daily server checks: validates the flow of all services running on the servers and notifies IT regarding server status
  • Provisioning: enables newly provisioned servers to execute certain tasks automatically

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