It can’t be any simpler!


Mapp is a smart unified platform that is tailored to executives' needs. Mapp provides executives with a unique interface to access all managed organizations and multiple systems through a single platform! Mapp equips executives with the ability to complete tasks and communicates with their teams through a single tablet application.


All in One Place

While maintaining all existing systems in place, executives will have a sole reference of information. MApp collects all requests, tasks, and documentation from these different systems to be viewed through a sole platform, seamlessly!

Mapp boosts the efficacy of workflows by providing a fully integrated system that offers smooth communication and efficient workflows.


Correspondence Management

MApp has elevated correspondence management to a new level. Over the years, we have helped numerous governmental organizations and private institutions organize their communication through a beautifully designed interface.

Through its simple interface, MApp provides control to people in charge to make decisions, design their processes or even run dynamically!

MApp boosts user experience that amazes top management and active operational employees alike, through a world-class level of security and a wide set of permissions that track activities.


Task Management

Create, assign, and delegate tasks easily! You can share relevant documentation and correspondences for assigned tasks in addition to transferring ownership of the assigned tasks. Mapp’s visual performance tracking ensures that no task is left unattended.


Schedule and Meetings Management

MApp consolidates all meetings and events from different managed entities and organizes them in one place!

Each entity can still send invitations using their systems, and MApp will consolidate and channel these events onto a single, personalized calendar.

MApp avoids the hassle by integrating all your systems and streaming all your events through a single, centralized interface so you do not miss any. MApp allows you to organize your schedule and helps you avoid double-booking by viewing it through a tablet.


Initiatives & Project Management

The Project Management module is designed to facilitate smooth, efficient, and successful projects – from start to finish. With MApp, managers can develop schedules, assign resources to tasks, track progress, manage the project’s budget, and analyze workloads through a centralized hub.

MApp provides executives with the control to initiate, monitor, and track project progress for different entities in addition to receiving projects’ outcome summary and ability to share feedback with the respective party through scribbling, writing, or even using voice recordings – all from a single intuitive interface.


Committees Management

MApp provides executives with a dedicated interface to manage and track committees’ progress towards the set goals. Through the tablet application, you can review committees’ goal, team’s progress, and member assignments.

MApp reduces the effort in tracking various committees under different entities that equip executives with the ability to maintain accountability, avoid delays or miss deadlines.


Reports & Dashboards.

MApp’s thorough reporting capability gives executives the information they need at a glance. Its intellectual dashboards, KPIs, and detailed reports provide the executive with visibility on managed entities' progress.

Executives' can choose to view high-level information or dive deeper into the details of a particular entity, committee, or project. Charts and KPIs can be tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each executive, providing a new and fully customized way to view data through a single tablet app.


MApp Staff

This specialized module is designed with executive staff and secretariat employees in mind, taking the time and effort out of collecting and preparing data and documents for the executive to review. MApp Staff module is crafted to tailor to the unique needs of each executive, supporting staff members in preparing documents, arranging schedules, and assembling work items in advance, to be presented to the executive for review or feedback.

Request for explanation and getting information has been made easy through channeling all requests to the respective entity to resolve, saving the time of busy leaders.

The executive can also give instructions on selected work items to staff, in addition to introducing the power to delegate authority to approve or reject requests and invitations on their behalf.


Requisition Management

Requisition management has been simplified! You can view all received requests, make decisions, and send them to the respective entity for action. Additionally, you can view the history of approvals granted and rejected requests with a simple quick reference.

This module grants executives with a full view over requests received from the different entities managed, whether it is a request for approval of a project budget, the appointment of senior staff, approval of staff vacations, and more!




News Feed and Social Media Management

Never miss out on local, regional, or global updates and news. This is possible through MApp’s News Feed Management module where a vast array of news sources are handy.

Executive staff can search, view, and select the most important items from different sources to be displayed to executives in an organized format that reflects their level of significance and urgency. This gives the executive a fully streamlined and effortless experience of keeping up to date with the relevant happenings.

Social media cannot be ignored! Thanks to Social Media Management module that provides executives with the latest updates on what is trending, important news or announcement, or requires attention.


Third-Party Systems

Every senior executive has a unique style that is key to their success, and they may also have particular entities or systems that are unusual or specialized. MApp provides the integration platform to facilitate this unique nature of work items or business, making them all accessible to the executive through MApp’s platform.

MApp recognizes the different workflows of multiple organizations and acts accordingly through its unique collaborative design, you can incorporate all you need into your MApp platform and access it all from your tablet.


Steer your way! 

Steer your organizations easily with the ultimate control and visibility MApp provides. All your systems, communications, calendars, documents, and actions are at your fingertips, with an uncluttered, intuitive interface, and customizable modules. Receive updates, complete tasks, review and sign documents, manage your schedule, and view progress – wherever and whenever.

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