The Cockpit of Your Systems


Executives leading multiple entities can end up using multiple applications to get work done. Sometimes the executive can lead different organizations at the same time too, and these will either have no systems, or will have different systems. It can lead to inefficiency that leaders cannot accommodate for. That is why MApp, the Smart Unified Platform, was created!


Make all your decisions in one place!

While maintaining the existing systems in place, executives will have a sole reference of information. MApp will collect all the requests, tasks and documentation from these systems to be viewed through an iPad application.


Annotate, and sign documents instantly.

Every document that you were typically see in different systems can be seen in one place in a simplified look. Annotate, scratch note, sign, reject suggestions, or just sign and accept right through MApp App. You can even record voice feedback on your documents.

Do it online or when you are offline, on an airplane for example. MApp will take all your decisions back to their original systems automatically once you are back online!


Meetings and scheduling too!

MApp consolidates all scheduled events from your different entities and organizes them in one place. Each entity can still send invitations using their own systems, while the executives team gets informed too.


Manage your projects and tasks effectively.

Projects Management is designed to assist managers in developing schedules, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads.

MApp provides executives with the ability to initiate projects, track projects and receive a summary on planned work for entities s/he is leading. Mapp provides executives with a brief on projects’ outcomes, sending feedback and directive actions through scribbling, writing or even using voice recordings on one single platform.


Committees Plans and Progress Management

MApp is designed to help executives track committees through providing a sole interface to manage the members and their progress in the committee. The executive will be able to review the overall goals and the individualized team assignments that are given by the executives to selected team members where he sees fit.


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