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Vision 2030 
2030 vision
“Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030” was adopted as a methodology and roadmap for economic and developmental action in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In its aim to grant the Kingdom a leading position in all fields, Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 sought to identify the general directions, policies, goals, and objectives of the Kingdom.

National Transofrmation

Accordingly, some ministries, institutions, and government entities underwent a restructuring process to align them to the requirements of this phase. This would enable them to perform their tasks, and expand their competencies. Ultimately, this will enhance the level and quality of services provided to beneficiaries; and achieve a prosperous future and sustainable development. The Council of Ministers has tasked the Council of Economic and Development Affairs with establishing and monitoring the mechanisms and measures necessary for the implementation of “Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030”.  eSense has the experience to assess government organizations with the NTP 2020 which follows the vision 2030.