Portfolio, Program & Project Management (PMO) Consulting Managing change for the better


Our expert PMO consulting services empower effective and timely decision-making, and successful change management, at every level. Whether it’s for an individual project or an entire enterprise, a well-managed PMO aligns organizational strategy with goals and outcomes, keeping teams on track for success.

Our approach is flexible to fit any organization, whether government or private, and scalable to PMOs at every level. 

We work in partnership to understand your organizational structure and desired outcomes so that we can help maximize resources, progress, and results. Whether it’s to establish a new PMO or enhance an existing setup, we incorporate training and professional development for staff so that the value of the PMO sticks and the benefits for the organization are long-lasting.


We work with you to understand your business values, culture and operational goals, and establish a PMO that combines the right mix of programs and project management services to fit your needs. 

We offer a mix of central and localized services for both physical and virtual environments, including resource management, performance monitoring, and staff training. Whether it’s at the individual project level, divisional or departmental, or at the overall enterprise level, we will develop an ePMO/PMO framework that supports your teams to deliver on the agreed strategy and meet the desired outcomes.


Using our experience, expertise, and proven methodologies, we will develop, monitor and report on the units within the remit of the PMO, tracking progress towards goals and keeping your operations on course for success. Whether the PMO covers one finite project or the operational function of the organization, our process is fully customizable and scalable. Our team can work on site or remotely, or a bit of both, in order to be in constant communication with the relevant people and departments.


An established and well-managed PMO can be expanded in scope to deliver even greater functionality and service offering at a more overall strategic level. We can help manage complex portfolios, or programs that span multiple departments or divisions, and facilitate change across the organization. 

We will review the current PMO structure, recommend targeted enhancements, and provide a model for expanding the scope and level of PMO services. By enhancing a PMO to realize its full potential, we can provide a solution that meets your needs now but is also agile and flexible enough to evolve with you.

For the Day to Day, and for the Big Picture

When it’s expertly designed, established, and operated, an effective PMO brings people, projects, programs, and portfolios into alignment with organizational strategy and goals. We’re here to work in partnership with your teams to ensure effective leadership and strategic decision-making at every level and every stage.

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