MT Receives Saudi e-Government Achievement Award for the 5th Time in a row

Jun 05, 2018

Saudi Ministry of Tourism (MT) won Saudi e-Government Achievement Award for the 5Th time in a row, achieving the highest measurement in electronic trading program “Yesser”.

eSense has always worked side by side with MT to become a role model government agency in terms of total dependence on electronic systems in internal management and external transactions.

Governmental enterprises and big entities such as the MT thrive on advanced electronic administrative systems in this electronic age, and eSense had worked together with the SCTH on many electronic projects that helped them move to a new era of cutting edge technology.

Mohammad Banat, eSense CEO, stated, “We are very proud of the effective and very successful digital transformation that eSense has provided to the MT. We are and always will be committed to present businesses and government organizations with the best and latest IT solutions in the region.”

Over the past decade, eSense has earned its entitlement as a highly successful, forefront IT Solution provider, with a reputation for bringing the latest technologies in business solutions to commercial and governmental clients, thus, contributing to the growth of the IT industry in the Arab region.

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