Berry is now officially a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Gold Certified Product

Feb 05, 2017

After Meeting all the strict requirements Microsoft sets for the Gold certification, Berry is now globally certified by Microsoft as SQL Server 2014 Gold Product. The fact that eSense has won this accolade is a clear demonstration that the company meets all the requirements including having sufficient numbers of certified professionals in the workforce, the submission of sufficient references undersigned by clients and high enough levels of customer satisfaction, measured in an independent customer satisfaction survey.

SQL CeritifedThis certification confirms the compatibility of the Berry software with the Microsoft SQL database technologies.

"As a Microsoft Partner, we are constantly looking to align our software to the latest technological developments. This certificate strengthens our partnership and gives us a position within the Microsoft Alliance network. We carry it with pride and look forward to the future." , says Mohamed Banat, the CEO of eSense Software.

"Berry status as Microsoft SQL Server Gold certified product is recognition of our know-how and expertise in the field of Microsoft Database. This gives our clients the assurance that they are dealing with an experienced Microsoft partner that also has access to all the expertise Microsoft has on offer.”, Mr. Banat added.

Berry is now available on Microsoft Pinpoint website:

For any inquires please send an email to [email protected]