Roles and Ownership


With over 170 permissions and the ability to assign different roles, berry provides system administrators with the power to set permissions associated with each role. The permission levels introduced ensures information is shared with the intended role defined within the organization.

Each correspondence is assigned to an owner, and can be transferred as required, to ensure accountability and correct follow-up. Every action has an associated deadline, and with comprehensive reminder tools, the relevant owner is alerted when the deadline is approaching.

berry® uses a smart and flexible email and SMS approach to notify the owner and relevant parties about a missed or an approaching deadline so appropriate actions or escalation sequence can be taken. berry also provides users with the power of delegation to another individual or department during a leave of absence.

Strong enablement for deadlines and their associated reminders on both correspondences and actions

We believe that reminder tools for managers and users are one of the most important tools that computer technologies enabled us with through our expertise in correspondence and workflow systems. The correspondence can be defined as a set of Individual Actions (IAs) that the correspondence passes in before it is considered saved and competed. To help illustrate the concepts in this document, we created the below diagram showing a correspondence case that is owned by one person (ex: Khaled Al-Ali). This correspondence went through four actions (in sequence) before it has been closed successfully. We named each individual action “IA-1” to “IA 4” respectively. Each has a different owner, and its own deadline and set of reminders, as illustrated below:


To track and control correspondence Individual Actions, Deadlines are assigned on the correspondence level as well as the IA level.

Deadlines on correspondence’s level reflect the maximum allowed time to finalize all actions associated with the correspondence before it is considered “Late”, any action on the correspondence maybe considered late on its own, as each action has its associated deadline.


berry® facilitates the process of delegation; this enables an individual to assign work relating to a certain department to another individual or simply assigning all of his work to another individual for a period of time during leave of absence.

Smart and variable formula for emails and SMSs sending times 

While other competing systems merely sends, notifications based on rigid rules using email, our system sends more flexible emails and SMS to the owner of the correspondence and all concerned parties and informing them about exceeding the deadline, these notifications also work in parallel with allowed timeline to finish the assignment, please refer to the following table for more details.

This will enable the owner to forward the correspondence to another user or extend the correspondence deadline based on what he finds suitable

Task duration

Automatic reminders
(Correspondences and Actions)

Late Correspondences
and Actions settings



More than 8 weeks

3 weeks before deadline

One day after

8 weeks or less

2 weeks before deadline

3 weeks or less

1 week before deadline

2 weeks or less

1 week before deadline

1 week or less

3 days before deadline

3 days or less

2 days before deadline

2 days

1 day before deadline

1 day or less

Same day*

In addition to introducing escalation sequence for lateness cases which match with the best practices in correspondences and workflow well-known systems

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