For robust and effortless reporting, system administrators can generate audit trail reports that unveils every action performed on a single correspondence along with the responsible user for that action.

Through its flexible design, the system can send customizable actions, such as receiving a correspondence, read receipts in addition to authorizing external entities to view and check the status of a correspondence. Berry’s reporting feature allows managers to view detailed user performance reports, for individual users, teams, or committees.

Audit Trail Report

Which displays all actions performed on the correspondences and all the users performing those actions


  • Support E-Signature capabilities for outgoing correspondence that is very beneficial for users especially executives
  • Facilitate linking and settling correspondences using the simplest methods and based on specific permissions
  • The system facilitates adding and displaying all properties associated with correspondences and that’s to guarantee the availability of information when needed
  • Support an English version of the system that runs in synchronization with the Arabic version
  • Facilitate the inquiry of correspondences’ statuses through many methods including building a web service, and that’s to allow external entities to follow up on incoming correspondences for the concerned organization
  • The system sends several notifications for all kinds of actions like receiving a correspondence, receiving a copy of a correspondence, read receipts, correspondences ownership assignment. Moreover, the system enables the user to customize these notification option based on their own needs
  • Enable the users to divert the correspondences course of action based on the associated permission
  • Facilitate adding notes to correspondences
  • Connecting the correspondence system with the organization’s portal based on its needs
  • Providing dynamic and various response templates for outgoing correspondences which depend on correspondences’ associated information
  • Development of the correspondence system’s Mobile App on the most used smartphones such as iPhone, Android and Windows phone mobiles
  • Support the system on tablets using browsers because of the responsive design capabilities it entails
  • Provide advanced protection levels for system’s documents
  • Provide ready templates for documents and speeches to be used throughout the system
  • Develop centralized system to manage notifications and reminders, including simplified forms for the user to view all incoming reminders from the system easily
  • Developing a meaningful admin screen, and adding more than 170 permissions as well as roles to enable the system administrator to create sets of permissions associated with these roles, which makes connecting a new user with a set of permissions based on his role in the organization easier and with least number of steps
  • Inform organization’s guests of the status of their correspondences by SMS, with the ability to manage these notifications and some other settings based on what the organization finds suitable, as well as facilitate correspondence tracking.
  • Provide a tracking functionality from outside the organization for anyone who would like to follow up on the correspondence he submits to the organization, which requires using specific templates.
  • Facilitate taking actions for users in a way that enables the organization to achieve high levels of productivity and minimal user errors
  • Enable the system admin to assign customized recipients lists for specific users based on their needs and duties
  • Provide a full log of failed Emails and SMS sent through the system, which enables the admin to take the suitable action, if necessary
  • Provide the system admin with the audit trail for all correspondences

User Performance Report


Specific User Performance Report

The following is a sample of a single user’s performance report, which is beneficial and practical for managers:

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