Trip Manager


The purpose of the Trip Manager application is to help the user in doing the preparations for the travel events by providing the ability to manage the hotels reservations and the flights for the attendee, and the user can also manage the movement of the attendees from one place to another.

Below are sample benefits from the application:

  • Provides an easy and visual way to plan the trip route and to manage the travel destination
  • Provides an easy way to communicate with the related third parties in order to start the preparations before the actual travel event
  • Provides the ability to prepare the trip program, the assignments and the daily schedule
  • Facilitate the ability to track the assignments that are required for travel event by providing a checklists module in a structured design
  • Provides the ability to print a full travel event program with the ability to be customized considering the targeted audience, this printable program can also include the daily schedule and any other required important information like the dress code, the attendees list ... etc.
  • Facilitate the way of confirming the attendance with the passengers, informing them about the departure and arrival times in each destination and also providing them with the luggage and safety information
  • Provides the trip program for the tablet portable devices IPhone and IPad

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