Scheduling Manager


The objective behind the Scheduling Manager application is to automate the process of receiving requests and creating events on the calendar, this is done by providing the users with ready templates that will guide the users through steps to complete the creation process for the events in an easy manner.

The scheduling manager also provides the users with the ability to view the schedule of the events on Daily, Weekly and Monthly views, to assist the users in organizing the schedule of the key persons. In addition to that, the system provides the users with the ability to view the scheduled trips on the calendar, to facilitate their related work.

Below are sample benefits from the application:

  • Minimize the paperwork in scheduling events
  • Providing an easy and accurate ways to track changes on the events, an example of that; timing change and attendees’ changes
  • Providing restriction on viewing some of the events, and restrict the people who can seethe details of the event
  • Providing the ability to search for the events either by the title or by the people who attended, or by the date that the request was submitted
  • Providing detailed reports for the events and the schedule on a specific period
  • Providing the ability to determine the responsible person on the events for a specific day

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