What is Joud?

Joud is a cloud platform designed for non-profit-organizations to help them automate their entire business operations and activities anywhere they go!

Joud is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing it to leverage the many features of the Dynamics 365 platform and pushing these features to their maximum potential.

Modular and Flexible

Joud is a modular platform and is divided into 3 categories, each category contains several modules to make the platform user friendly.

The categories are:

  1. Control: which provides financial management and contains many modules to serve this function
  2. Achieve: which provides fundamental donations and fundraising management modules
  3. Spread Goodness: Focusing on the Beneficiaries


Control allows NGOs to manage their HR, financials, resources and more from one location, it contains many modules covering sales team, tasks, fund boxes, volunteers, financial and insurance and even contacts!


Achieve more in less time, this category covers the donations and fundraising needs, whether its programs, coin boxes, item sales, pledges, campaigns and much more.

Everything needed to effectively manage the donations and fundraising process is covered in this category

Spread Goodness

Better control leads to more achievement in less time which will allow any NGO organization to serve more beneficiaries and spread goodness!

This category focuses on Beneficiaries management and covers, training, schools, aids, small projects, clinics and patients, it also includes programs and meetings management to simplify the whole process