Strength and Security


Both large scale organizations and government agencies are faced with the daunting task of managing daily fleet operations that involve several participants and multiple destinations, and many of these fleets involve high ranking members of society who must travel under stellar security. Managing and maintaining a fleet or multiple fleets poses a wide variety of challenges. Activities of large fleets bring many variables to the table and, often enough, many loopholes are left unattended to, resulting in many delays, unachieved objectives and, in worst cases, security breaches. What organizations most commonly need is a fleet and maintenance management system that not only effectively manages fleets with a large number of participants, but does so with superior monitoring and security features. Enter FLOTA®.

FLOTA® management system provides the organization with the ability to efficiently manage vehicles, drivers, car parks, technicians, maintenance, and dispatching orders. The application provides the ability to schedule drivers and vehicles daily activities and manages their assignments to events. It also has a full maintenance and work order functionality that is designed to manage vehicle repairs and spare parts, and also comes with advanced tracking and reporting features that are indispensable for quality fleet management.

FLOTA® gives you the option of more accessibility, and ease of maintenance and installation. It provides answers for hard questions about the processes of your organization, and it helps you and ways to deal with large amounts of data which ultimately increases productivity while reducing cost. The system enables a fleet department to devise preventive maintenance plans, which allows them to stay ahead of future wear and tear and avoid potential mishaps that could deter and delay important fleet activities.