What is Apono?

Apono is a centralized application hub, where executives and managers sign on approvals, control team deliverables, performance, and schedule.

With Apono apps are centralized in one page… single login… and all comprehensive actions are integrated with all applications.

Simple Interface

Apono unifies your applications data into three main modules:

  1. Inbox: where every incoming piece of information to the person is delivered to across the enterprise
  2. Calendar: where meetings, appointments, schedules are all stored
  3. Statistics: where reports are centralized in a single page for full insights.

Integrated for Better Data

Apono is integrated out of the box with Microsoft Project Online & Project Server, in addition to Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange Online & Exchange Server, Apono can also be configured to connect to other services and providers across the enterprise to a seamless experience to the users.

It Can’t Get Any Simpler

Apono is a system that doesn’t require administration efforts, with a No User Management approach, your domain users are Apono users.

Apono is a web-based system that was built on a responsive-design foundation, users can access using any device with any screen size and the system will adjust accordingly, additionally, the interface dashboard can be quickly customized by each user with information that is most important to them.