eSense implements stellar evventa Office suite to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jordan

eSense recently signed an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) of Jordan, under which eSense will implement its cutting–edge evventa® - Office Scheduling and Management System, to help automate and organize the work of Protocol teams within the Ministry.
evventa® - Office scheduling and management system is an interactive, private office management solution built to facilitate the work of the private office of government officials and key international figures personnel by providing the right tools to organize daily operations – big and small – in an automated manner, while maintaining a high level of monitoring and security over the work team.

MoFA's protocol teams shoulder mammoth responsibilities in driving all events from concept to successful execution, while having all events’ participants treated as presidential and royal subjects. Moreover, Planning and organizing for protocol and ceremonial events is a major challenge; it requires a high-level of agility and flexibility to modify any set of protocols in response to constantly-changing variables and conditions in a timely manner.

eSense utilized its highly intuitive system, evventa® - Office to enable protocol teams at the Ministry to plan and manage a diverse spectrum of events and arrange for the needed logistics in a short period of time, thus allowing them to execute their events in a flawless and successful manner, while offering a collaborative secure environment to manage and host all needed information of events management such as: attendees, program plans, travels, gifts, and much more.

"We are greatly honored that an important governmental institution with a significant and critical role such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, chose eSense's innovative management and scheduling suite. We are positive that evventa® - Office will boost the effectiveness and efficiency of the Ministry's operations while maintaining the highest level of security," said eSense's CEO Samer Maslamani. "Throughout our experience working with high-end officials, we collaborated with their protocol teams to deliver first-class value to their events management through our specially designed "evventa® - Office", "evventa® - Protocol" and "evventa® - Corporate", thus taking their events to new levels of quality and excellence."