IT Analysis


Real-time monitoring and analytics of your entire IT Infrastructure

From the end-user perspective!

Nexthink helps IT departments improve their end-user’s computing experience with its revolutionary, real-time: monitoring, analytics and visualization from the end-user's perspective.
All relevant configurations, activities, events, connections, bandwidth, abnormalities and errors are continuously and globally monitored. Nexthink’s patented technology gives instant full visibility to your end-users’ experience and adds a new vantage point to your existing toolset in IT.


Be smarter than your end-users; know their issues before they tell you. Uncover under-reported as well as unknown issues.
Move from reactive to proactive, even anticipate new issues.

With Nexthink you will resolve end-user issues %60 faster, reduce incidents by %35.

Nexthink’s unique real-time analytics of your IT infrastructure from the end-user perspective is able to detect abnormal behavior in a way no one else can.That is why the French Ministry of Defense relies on Nexthink to monitor over 250,000 devices.