Business Intelligence

“Efficiency made easy – designed so you can leave the data to us and you can focus on mission critical decision-making”
“Business Intelligence is a process of transforming data into information through iterative analysis and changing it to business knowledge” Gartner Group “You can’t manage what you can’t measure. You can’t measure what you can’t describe”

Less clutter, more decisions

The key to succeeding in today’s fast paced market are speed and organization. At the end of the day business comes down to numbers, from accounting sales to customer care and web analytics, and it is easy for the bottom line to become blurry when data systems are incongruent and inaccessible.


As technology and data management advances, we are able to access more kinds of data than ever before. Yet, what if these systems were seamlessly integrated into one user friendly system, where all the information you need was at your fingertips at a moment’s notice?

Are you plagued by any of the following?

  • Finding information takes forever
  • Organizing data is too complicated (chaotic)
  • Information sharing is not uniform throughout the organization
  • Data accuracy and consistency is incongruent

The Solution

We have good news for you; we have heard and experienced your frustration and have created a solution! Business Intelligence was created for just that – to effectively and efficiently manage data so critical decision-making never has to wait and your business keeps the edge it needs, to expand!

Stellar BI with Microsoft…

An effective, integrated business intelligence solution can improve business performance by driving better decision making across your organization. But for a business intelligence solution to live up to its promise, it must be designed with the needs of every user in mind and must have the flexibility to accommodate all the structured and unstructured information your organization uses day to day. Microsoft business intelligence is delivered through a trusted and familiar environment that solves the business needs of organizations - Of all sizes - around the world. Powered by the flexibility and horsepower of Microsoft SQL Server and delivered through the trusted and familiar Microsoft Office system, Microsoft business intelligence solutions work together to provide value to all users across your organization.

eSense’s BI environment – your business… at your fingertips

eSense is a leading expert in the implementation of Business Intelligence into any modern business environment. For years, we have created sound environments of business intelligence for corporations who experienced substantial shifts in business performance and accountability, all the while keeping running costs at bay. Moreover, because Microsoft business intelligence solutions are delivered in environments that you already work in today, such as Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and SharePoint Server, there’s no need for long training courses or complicated books and manuals. The environment we deliver is integrated and interoperable from top to bottom, and there is no period of adjustment to different user interfaces for all the different product versions in production. You will require less support time from IT and less time for training for everyone to get started using the tools. eSense is committed to providing real-time, business friendly solutions that empower users to do the jobs they were hired to do, rather than waste precious time trolling through data that is incongruent and inconsistent. We provide unique, customizable data solutions that integrate easily, and provide intuitive solutions for our clients without them even knowing we are there. We believe business software products should provide results without inhibiting users. “Before Business Intelligence, we wasted a lot of time trying to find the right data configurations to crunch in the numbers we needed. Now, rather than spending time looking for what we need, we can spend time imagining what we want to become.”


BI Solutions empower customers by:

  • Creating organized data systems
  • Increasing operational efficiency and systems
  • Ensuring easy access to timely data
  • Integrating seamlessly and managed with continuous support
  • Reducing costs through efficiency
  • Making it possible for all users to create and utilize reports
  • Decision making becomes streamlined, allowing people to access the right data at the right time.

Intuition and efficiency like you have never seen before

With an unprecedented system for data management, BI offers an intuitive and interactive interface to ensure you have access complete, accurate and secure data. Providing an integrated system for data warehousing, we ensure every member of your company spends less time searching for data and more time on higher level and higher value decision-making, ultimately benefiting you and your organization. BI is built to provide optimized data quality, data warehousing, ad-hoc analysis and data mining that are continuously updated to make certain you have access to the most current data along with the latest technology to remain at the top of your field where you belong. BI provides all of the functionality that is needed for performance management including scorecards, dashboards, management reporting and analytics. The application reaches all employees across all business functions (finance, operations, marketing, sales, and human resources).