EMR Solution: Teriac

Based on the real workflow from experienced physicians' offices, Teriac EMR system was built with a set of useful Electronic Medical Records features to help you manage your practice efficiently. You will be able to use Teriac EMR system for appointments scheduling, patients profiles management, patients visits management, prescription, billing and many other usefull features that are listed below.

Teriac was built as a set of desktop client applications that can interact with each other using secured channels over the Internet. In addition to the rich user experience of the desktop applications, Being Desktop allows each client to continue functioning as a separate entity offline in case of any Internet connectivity issue. This design will help clinics to spare the money and efforts that can be spent for setting and maintaining a local intranet within the clinic.

Why Teriac?

Designed by doctors, Reviewed by doctors and Approved by doctors

Teriac EMR/PM solution System is an easy to master software with simple installation steps, it is designed for the life style of out-patient clinics based on the daily workflow and the experience of the physicians. Teriac was designed by utilizing CCHIT Electronic Health Records standards, Service Oriented Architecture and Cloud computing to be a cutting edge EHR and Practice Management solution which will spare you the time and money for securing and maintaining your data, it will also spare you the efforts and the cost of maintaining a local network within your clinic. So you can leave the technical, Security and Integration stuff for Teriac team.

Teriac Support Team

As part of our customer care, Teriac team will be ready and open for receiving your feedback, notes, suggestions and to support you using Phone, Email or over skype.

Stay Up-To-Date

Our customers will be able to get the software updates in an automated way without interrupting their work, They will also get an up to date list of registered medications, medical tests and all other lists provided by the system.

Security and Reliability

Using the secured integration channels, the account security and the user permissions, you can be sure that your data will not fall in the wrong hands, and also by the continuous support of Teriac team you can be sure that your practice will not be interrupted by any technical issue or data loss.

Advisory Committee

The advisory committee is a group of individuals whom are experienced in the medical field and/or EMR systems and whom are responsible for evaluating Teriac EMR system and advise the Teriac team with their feedback and suggestions in order to make sure the Teriac EMR System is well implemented and well serving your practice needs.


Chairman of Jordanian Atherosclerosis & hypertension Prelusion Society.

Dermatology and Medical Cosmetic

Skin Clinic, Amman, Jordan

Pediatrics and Nephrology Specialist

Private Pediatrics Clinic, Amman, Jordan

PhD, Health Information Technology Professor

Campus President at California Career Institute
Adjunct Faculty at California State University, DH

Reproductive System Surgeon

Senior Reproductive System Surgery Resident at Jordan University Hospital


Senior Pathology Resident at Jordan University Hospital


Teriac EMR/PM solution has an experienced support team whom are ready, open and at your service to receive your feedback, notes, suggestions and to support you using Phone, Email or over Skype.