Correspondence System: Berry

Berry is a web-based, correspondence management system that helps institutions organize incoming, outgoing and internal correspondences. The system is built using the latest technologies and development tools to ensure the security, effectiveness and the ease of use for all of its users.

Berry has a user-friendly interface. The system’s screens, throughout the solution, are designed to allow for the ease of use and quick accessibility of all functions, without being distracted with screen popups and excessive page reloads. When a user logs in, he/she sees only the correspondence packages that they have permission to view, and when they open a package, only the specifications required for them at that stage of the workflow, are displayed.

Berry's features were designed to make a daily routine's tasks easy for everyone using the system. It provides for them many features and many supporting functions for the features that match the institution's needs, as follows:

Modern Display Screens

The modern and dynamic design facilitates the retrieval of information and its interactions. Berry is web-based so, it can be opened from web browsers, so Laptops, Desktops and 2-in-1s are all supported. Our mobile apps works on mobiles and tablets, for Windows, Android and the iPad.

Introduce the Ownership Concept on Correspondences

To make sure all correspondence is followed in the correct manner, the correspondence ownership concept was introduced. Once a correspondence is created, the owner will be specified by the system automatically.

Integrate with Other Systems

We have built our platform using the latest of technologies and a firm foundation that enables us to easily and proficiently integrate with your systems, granted that your system allows for integration.

Enjoy the Convenience of Forwarding and Reminders Logs

The forwarding log shows all the actions that occurred on a correspondence, which makes it easy to view, in detail, the timeline of the workflow. In addition, the system shows the reminders log related to a single action.

Work with Deadlines, and their Associated Reminders, on both Correspondences and Actions

We believe that a tool that reminds managers and users is very important. That technological tool was enabled for us, using our expertise in correspondence and workflow systems.

A correspondence can be defined as a set of Individual Actions (IAs) that the correspondence passes through before it is considered completed and then saved. To help illustrate the concepts in this document, we created the below diagram to show a sample correspondence that is owned by one person (ex: Khaled Al-Ali). This correspondence went through four actions (in sequence) before it was closed successfully. We named each individual action “IA-1” to “IA 4” respectively. Each has a different owner, its own deadline, and a set of reminders, as illustrated below:

Figure 1: Sample Correspondence

To track and control a correspondence's Individual Actions, Deadlines are assigned on both the levels of the correspondence and the IA (Individual Action).

Deadlines on the correspondence's level reflect the maximum allowed time to finalize all actions associated with the correspondence before it is considered to be “Late”. Any action on the correspondence may be considered late on its own, as each action has its associated deadline.

Experience Smart and Variable Formulae for Email and SMSs

While competing systems merely send notifications based on rigid rules using email, Berry sends more flexible email and SMS messages to the owner of each correspondence and all the concerned parties. The messages inform them about exceeding the deadline, and these notifications also work in parallel, within the allowed timeline to complete the assignment. This will enable the owner to forward the correspondence to another user or extend the correspondence's deadline based on what he finds suitable.

Prepare and Print Delivery Reports

Employees who work primarily with Inboxes/outboxes create and send many correspondences daily, therefore they need to report on all correspondences they create or the ones all their department's employees created, during a specific period of time, to their manager. The system allows those users to accomplish this using delivery reports.

Dynamic Reports and Special Prints

Berry provides a number of reports that use the latest programs available. Based on the technologies provided by most of the famous international companies, Berry provides for the development of reports in an easier manner, which entails better performance, and they spend less time to prepare. The tools used guarantees quite acceptable results on Adobe Acrobat Reader.
The following is a listing of Berry's reports:

  • Users' Performance Report:

    Figure 2: Users' Performance Report

  • Specific User's Performance Report

    The following is a sample of a single user’s performance report that is beneficial and practical for managers:

    Figure 3: Specific User’s Performance Report

  • Audit Trail Report

    This displays all actions performed on the correspondences and the users performing those actions.

    Figure 4: Audit Trail Report

Archive your Documents in Berry

Allow for yourself the uploading of all types of documents into a folder structure of your choosing and then allow for their classification based on predetermined categories and specific permissions. Archiving also allows for the describing of documents with additional metadata that facilitates future searches.

You also have the ability to transform paragraphs, in pictures and PDFs, into textual format using OCR, to enable searches inside documents. In addition, you can link correspondences with certain archived folders.

Compatibility with Well-Known Browsers

The system is compatible with most of the global browsers:

  • MS Internet Explorer 11
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox (latest version)
  • IOS Safari Explorer7.0 and above