Cloud Automation

Powered by the Industry leading cloud management framework, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Software built its entire Cloud System on top of OpenStack, a public and private cloud solution that supports the widest range of cloud tools and applications to help you build a robust and scalable cloud solution.

HPE CloudSystem is the leading software to automate and reliably manage your virtual infrastructure. It transforms your virtual infrastructure from a static, manual and complex infrastructure to a dynamic, automated and simplified cloud solution. Thanks to its deep integration with all major virtualization providers, HPE CloudSystem fits smoothly in your infrastructure and manages the entire stack of virtual servers automatically, from the time of provisioning to decommissioning, HPE CloudSystem automates it all.

  1. Automated Provisioning: Provision 10’s of servers in minutes with custom templates, flavors and resource allocations
  2. Service Catalog: Organize the common services that your business users need and simply the process of requesting those servers. With a click, HPE CloudSystem is capable of building these services for you without requiring your IT Administrator’s intervention
  3. Subscriptions: Reclaim your wasted server resources. HPE CloudSystem provides services to end users using a custom-defined subscription model. Users can specify the period of time they need their services for and the cloud system will handle the provisioning and decommissioning of their services
  4. Scalability: Expand your datacenter. HPE CloudSystem handles server expansions automatically, making your business growth and datacenter expansion easier than ever
  5. Operations Orchestration: Eliminate the routine tasks in your infrastructure with HPE Operations Orchestration. Standard daily tasks can become as easy as a single click

eSense Technology Services can help you transform your IT Infrastructure to the modern era by providing all the services you need to successfully implement HPE CloudSystem in your infrastructure.