Business Service Management

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Business Service Management (BSM) software and solutions provide intelligence and actionable insights to manage the performance of enterprise applications, systems, networks and storage.

The BSM Solution, provided by HPE, is a modular software that can be implemented to help you effectively monitor, analyze, identify and resolve all of your business services, from the network edge to the server and everything in between, including your custom built business applications. HPE BSM helps you find issues before they occur and monitors all your systems to ensure that your business never gets interrupted.

Additionally, HPE BSM makes Systems Management much easier, with advanced tools and technics. HPE BSM builds a full topology for all of your business services and applications and maps all the underlying resources, making it super easy to identify issues and measure the performance of your applications

Using state-of-the-art dashboards and reporting capabilities, HPE BSM helps you make sure that you never miss a beat in your infrastructure.

With years of experience in managing complex environments, eSense Technology Services can help you take control of your infrastructure. Our team is capable of building the right HPE BSM solution components that accommodate your business needs. This alleviates the headache in identifying your key needs in business management and helps you focus on your business instead of your systems