Service & Portfolio Management

IT Performance

The role of IT is changing radically. Cloud delivery, virtualization, and mobile devices are creating new products, service delivery methods, financial models, and business models. In this context, CIOs need to focus more than ever on supporting business strategy and delivering business value - all the while reducing costs in a very transparent manner.


What IT leaders need today is a finely-tuned performance system. They need an automated, dashboard-driven, comprehensive technology solution that is customizable at the CIO and departmental level, which provides detailed visibility into every aspect of IT performance.

In short, they need a method for systematically managing IT overall while providing a means to better demonstrate to the business IT’s effectiveness, efficiency, and value.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) uniquely addresses this need with the HPE IT Performance Suite, the industry’s first systematic approach to digitizing the sensing, measuring, and instrumentation of the entire IT-controlled landscape into a single consolidated view for IT leaders and practitioners.

The HPE IT Performance Suite is the foundation for customized IT performance systems that can:

  • Deliver the industry’s deepest and broadest coverage of IT-controlled assets and investments.
  • Make it possible to build a secure and comprehensive operational environment for the delivery of hybrid services.
  • Give executives the industry’s first cascaded optimization system for mastering the business of IT.